cover image Merry Christmas, Space Case

Merry Christmas, Space Case

James Marshall. Dial Books, $11.89 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8037-0216-5

Buddy McGee and his parents are off to Grannie's house for Christmas. That means he'll have to leave a note to ""the thing from outer space'' that visited Buddy for Halloween in Space Case, promising to return for Christmas. The holidays at Grannie'sshe's a sort of mad scientist typearen't quite what Buddy hoped for; he's expected to play with the nasty Goober twins who live next door. They don't believe in the thing, they're getting new bikes and they don't like wise guyslike Buddy. The thing, still in outer space, hurries away from a wild party, and after some confusion, locates Buddy. The Goober twins are about to pounce, when the thing turns them into giant snowmen. When they say they're sorry, they become kids again. Buddy has a Merry Christmas after all, chasing the Goobers around the block. Some children will find this highly entertaining, but there's one thing lacking Christmas spirit. A hostile world greets Buddy and the thing at every turn, and Christmas is more of an excuse here than an integral part of the plot. (4-8)