cover image Bunnies at Christmas

Bunnies at Christmas

Amy Ehrlich, Marie H. Henry. Dial Books, $11.95 (28pp) ISBN 978-0-8037-0321-6

The industrious bunny siblings from Bunnies All Day Long and Bunnies and Their Grandma are busy getting ready for the best party of the yearand their mother wants them to go to Uncle Jack's house to remind him to come. He isn't home, so Paulette, Larry and Harry head for the town, where they see Santa Claus and invite him to the party. But Uncle Jack is the one who shows up, and when he changes into a Santa Claus outfit, the bunnies demand the truthis he Uncle Jack or is he Santa Claus? Since it's Christmas Eve, anything is possible, and the family enjoys festivities galore before the night is out. Henry's exuberant watercolors convey the bunnies' earnestness; Erlich's text combines wit and the right amount of understatement in this charming book. (3-7)