cover image Herds of Words

Herds of Words

Patricia McCarthy / Author, Patricia MacCarthy / Author Dial B

Like the beasts in MacCarthy's Animals Galore! , the happy collection of people, animals and things in this zestful picture book dazzle the eye with brilliant colors. A coven of pink-nosed witches surrounds a bubbling caldron as up above ``a parliament of owls'' hovers near a twinkling ``galaxy of stars.'' A tantalizing series of ``herd words'' is presented in no particular order but is often grouped by activity or design. A ``crew of sailors'' stands at attention on a ``fleet of ships'' as they sail by a plump ``huddle of walruses.'' A coach led by ``a team of horses'' is held up by ``a gang of thieves'' who are routed by ``a posse of constables.'' The ebullience and charm of MacCarthy's batik paintings will make this playful assemblage irresistible. Ages 4-8. (Mar.)