cover image Lots of Moms

Lots of Moms

Shelley Rotner, Lynn Viehl. Dial Books, $12.99 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-8037-1891-3

Just in time for Mother's Day, this affectionate photo-essay pays tribute to kids' moms and the many things they do. Each spread introduces another aspect of modern momhood, as in ""Sometimes they're busy working,"" which shows doctor, truck driver, teacher and homemaker moms in action. ""They teach you"" (children are instructed in violin, baseball, bike-riding and reading); ""They say, `Be careful,' and sometimes, "" `No!' "" (a child teeters precariously on a jungle gym while mom admonishes). The photos, many taken outdoors in idealizing, golden autumnal light, emphasize the intimacy of the mother-child bond. Though racially diverse, most of the mothers appear to be close in age, between their late 20s and late 30s, and they project a kind of low-key affluence; the setting appears to be Rotner's hometown of Northampton, Mass. Postcard-pretty. Ages 18 mos.-6 yrs. (Apr.)