cover image Olympig!


Victoria Jamieson. Dial, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8037-3536-1

This underdog story—underpig, actually—suggests that while practice doesn’t always make perfect, it does make good entertainment. Enthusiastic aspiring Olympian Boomer believes, “If you practice and try your best, you can do anything!” Unfortunately, Boomer’s attempt to win one different sporting event after another at the Animal Olympics fails; he is generally able to keep his chins up, but when his cannonball dive bombs, Boomer loses it in a rage-filled tantrum that occupies a full spread. A JumboTron vote of confidence from his mother gives Boomer newfound confidence, however, and in a red, sparkly homemade gymnastics outfit, Boomer is on fire in the final event. No, really. Jamieson (Bea Rocks the Flock) satirizes sports coverage by way of a mean-spirited, cliché-spouting announcer named Mr. Hamstring, who is intent on tearing Boomer down. The acrylic artwork is consistently lively and expressive, playing well with the often-deadpan text (“Boomer took the loss pretty well,” writes Jamieson as the pig is seen wildly sobbing in his track uniform). A humorous romp just in time for the London Olympics. Ages 5–8. Agent: Paul Rodeen, Rodeen Literary Management. (July)