cover image Flo & Wendell Explore

Flo & Wendell Explore

William Wegman. Dial, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8037-3930-7

The Weimeraner siblings from 2013’s Flo & Wendell embark on a close-to-home camping trip, with Wegman again using photographs for the dogs’ heads and loosely painting their bodies and clothing in gouache. Nowhere does the dogs’ personalities shine more than in the planning stage: Flo’s long packing list includes a tent, poles, a sleeping bag, and a flashlight, while Wendell’s is just a picture of the tiny hatchet he’s eager to use. Wegman’s understated narration provides lots of dry humor as the dogs test their canoeing skills, survive a “bear” encounter, and end their adventure the best way possible, toasting marshmallows: “Wendell liked his incinerated.” Ages 3–5. (Sept.)