cover image The Not So Quiet Library

The Not So Quiet Library

Zachariah OHora. Dial, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-8037-4140-9

OHora (My Cousin Momo) brings his playful wit and retro-kitchen-appliance palette to the story of Theodore and Oskar, whose weekly library visit takes a green and scaly turn. They’re brothers: Oskar’s human, and Theodore is a bear in plaid pants and a baseball cap. On library day, they stop by the doughnut store (“Dad always said that a day of quiet exploration required a proper breakfast”), grab some books, and settle in to read. Suddenly, a giant green foot smashes the beanbag Oskar was sitting on, and the two find themselves facing a hungry five-headed monster that thinks the library is a restaurant. After Theodore and Oskar endure some snarky threats from the monster heads—Chuck, Seymour, Winston, Pat, and Bob—the librarian, Ms. Watson, saves the day: “Story time, everyone! Please sit crisscross applesauce!” OHora brings action and danger to what might have been another book extolling books (“Books sound so much better than they taste!” enthuses Bob), not to mention some great made-up book titles like Ole Bluer and Miniature Squirrel Paintings of the 14th Century. Ages 3–5. Agent: Sean McCarthy, Sean McCarthy Literary. (July)