cover image The Sun Never Sets: Reflections on a Western Life

The Sun Never Sets: Reflections on a Western Life

L.W. "Bill" Lane, Jr. with Bertrand M. Patenaude. Stanford Univ., $27.95 (275p) ISBN 978-08-04785112

In this posthumous memoir, Lane chronicles his family's journey from the Midwest to California, a move that coincided with his father's purchase of Sunset magazine, and he details the processes and beliefs that came to make Sunset an icon in Western living across two generations of Lane family ownership. His rich life story encompasses many diverse passions, including the environmental conservation, horsemanship, and a love for country%E2%80%94Lane served as both U.S. Ambassador to Australia and Ambassador-at-Large and Commissioner General to Japan. He recalls his father saying, "Keeping a business alive, healthy, and growing, is harder than starting a business." It's a maxim that runs throughout the many stories of Sunset's growth and transformation into a profitable, much revered publication. After an exciting stint in the Navy, Lane began his magazine career in the circulation department and as an elevator operator. He later took the editorial helm of Sunset Books, hawking editions from the trunk of his car to booksellers all over the West before selling the company at age 70. Lane%E2%80%94a publishing pioneer, devotee of hard work, and insatiably curious man%E2%80%94personified the spirit of the American West. 75 illus. (Mar.)