cover image 10 Things I Know about Penguins

10 Things I Know about Penguins

Wendy Wax / Author, Thomas Payne / Illustrator, Della Rowland / With
If a boomer and a flyer get together, a joey could result. That is, male kangaroos are called ``boomers''; females, ``flyers''; and little ones, you guessed it. A male penguin, instead of making a nest, holds an egg on its feet to keep it warm until it hatches; lucky Mrs. Penguin. These basic facts are set forth at the rate of one idea per page in each of two introductory books illustrated with outstanding color photographs and accented with humorous, cartoon-style drawings. The books offer some extraordinary facts along with more familiar knowledge; this is worthwhile nonfiction for lower primary grade readers, or even reluctant readers. Ages 2-up. (Sept.)