cover image Saving Wildlife: A Century of Conservation

Saving Wildlife: A Century of Conservation

. ABRAMS, $49.5 (286pp) ISBN 978-0-8109-3674-4

This lavishly illustrated volume with 250 illustrations (150 color) celebrates the centennial of the Wildlife Conservation Society (formerly the New York Zoological Society). Founded in 1895 to create a zoo, the society has worked over the years to save endangered species and protect habitat. Here, the editors present a sparkling collection of writings that reflect the society's achievements. William Hornaday, William Beebe, Raymond Ditmars and Fairfield Osborn give reports; we hear from field scientists George Schaller, Peter Matthiessen, Roger Payne, Alan Rabinowitz, Terese and John Hart. In the final section, William Conway, John Robinson and Roger Caras look to the future. Conway's essay, ``Down with Mary's Little Lamb,'' is a gem that deserves a wide audience. This is a book for zoo-goers, animal lovers and everyone concerned with preserving wildlife. (May)