cover image Who You Callin' Chicken?

Who You Callin' Chicken?

Thea Feldman. ABRAMS, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8109-4593-7

With fascinating facts about farmyard fowl, Who You Callin' Chicken? by Thea Feldman, photos by Stephen Green- Armytage, features startling photographs of chickens with unusual combs and wattles, long or curly feathers, muffs, beards and more. This lighthearted ""tale of feathers"" uses everyday phrases and joke punchlines to deliver the facts about over 200 breeds of chickens. For a wide variety of outlandish fowl, the text asks ""Check out all these weird-looking birds! What do you think they are?... It's the Pullet Surprise!""