cover image The New Soy Cookbook: Tempting Recipes for Tofu, Tempeh, Soybeans, and Soymilk

The New Soy Cookbook: Tempting Recipes for Tofu, Tempeh, Soybeans, and Soymilk

Lorna Sass. Chronicle Books, $17.95 (120pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-1682-3

Soy products attract interest from a diverse audience: vegetarians looking for a non-animal source of protein; women looking for natural source of estrogen; those hoping to reduce their cholesterol levels. Sass (Complete Vegetarian Kitchen; Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure) offers something for everyone here. Such recipes as Tempeh Simmered in Red Wine with Herbes de Provence or Country Tempeh P t suggest the kind of ersatz creations used to comfort non-meat eaters when feeling deprived of boeuf bourguignon or a terrine rich with goose liver. Strict vegetarians will have to bypass the addition of several seafood recipes (Chunky Codfish and Clam Chowder; Shrimps, Mussels and Tofu in Lemongrass-Miso Broth), while the cholesterol conscious will eschew Tempeh Braised in Coconut Milk with Lemongrass. Once such requirements are sorted out, however, the collection's variety and overall excellence shine. Notable are the p t mentioned above, with its combination of garlic, brandy, walnuts and green peppercorns, and the basic and highly versatile Baked Seasoned Tofu, which can profitably be used in almost any stir-fry, as croutons in many soups or simply as a side with greens. Sass offers plenty of practical advice about using the bean in every guise--tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, soy milk, miso and in its unprocessed form, as the boiled fresh green soybeans occasionally found in Japanese restaurants as the delicious edamame. (June)