cover image Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails)

Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails)

Matt Young, Paul K. Strode. Rutgers University Press, $21.95 (241pp) ISBN 978-0-8135-4550-9

In this superb overview, academics Young and Strode tackle the most vexing issues in the public's understanding of biological evolution and earth history. With clear, readable text, Young and Strode detail requisite concepts while providing a conversational response to creationists' objections to evolution, which are frequently based on profound misunderstandings of how science works. Young and Strode provide a thorough explanation of the concept of biological fitness, showing that evolution, hardly random, is a process of interaction between organisms and the environment. Later chapters explain the science of evolutionary development and phylogenetics-how Earth's organisms are related through their genetic codes-as well as geological and astronomical methods for dating (including possibly the clearest explanation of an isochron ever written). They also take a good look at creationism, using the publications of prominent believers to show that it's a movement divided against itself. Much of this work developed from Strode's teaching experience, and it may be the best book yet written for teaching citizens what science really does, and what religion really is in relation.