cover image Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way

Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way

Dan Carrison, Rod Walsh. AMACOM/American Management Association, $24.95 (240pp) ISBN 978-0-8144-0413-3

""Semper Fidelis,"" the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps, means ""Always Faithful."" The title thus emphasizes the authors' allegiance to leadership principles and management practices that they consider fundamental in the Corps. Carrison and Walsh, former Marine officers now working in business and coauthoring the syndicated ""Rosie's Bar & Grill"" column, have assembled a set of directives that show civilian managers and organizations how they can benefit from emulating Corps policies. Chapters address recruitment, training, supervision of the rank and file, middle and senior managements and overall winning strategies, with cardinal points explained in short sections. What the authors consider analogous situations in the Corps and in the business world are compared, such as their hierarchical natures and siege mentalities, and recommendations (""Instill Courage,"" ""Study the Past,"" ""Keep Goals Realistic,"" ""Command from a Forward Position"") are summarized in broadly applicable checklists. With clarity and conviction, the authors constantly reinforce basic viewpoints, in a style that will appeal more to readers with military mindsets than what-me-worriers. Most likely to promote understanding and respect among the public are the portrayals of experiences and perspectives of individual members of the Corps, which give spark to what is in the main a generic performance. (Oct.)