cover image Wanted: Perfect Parents Hard Cover

Wanted: Perfect Parents Hard Cover

John Himmelman, Himmelman. Troll Communications, $13.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-8167-3028-5

The poster on a bedroom door reading ``Wanted, Perfect Parents. Inquire Within'' signals the beginning of a son's attempt to recruit a too-good-to-be-true mom and pop. Gregory lets his parents know just how far they fall from the parental ideal: ``Well, the first thing my perfect parents would do is not make me clean my room. . . . I would make tunnels and bridges out of all my stuff.'' As the scenarios grow more outlandish, Gregory's perfect parents would not only allow him to sleep on the roof, but would also surround the house with mattresses and cushions in case of a fall. Himmelman legitimates childish fantasy by taking Gregory seriously, but, like a ``perfect parent'' himself, he overindulges his character, permitting Gregory's wish list to go on too long. Rainbow-colored spreads have the low intensity of cotton candy. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)