cover image Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography

Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography

James Craig, William Bevington, Irene Korol Scala, . . Watson-Guptill, $24.95 (175pp) ISBN 978-0-8230-1413-2

Part textbook and part reference work, the fifth edition of a typographic classic begins with a thumbnail history of the development of written language and ends with a glossary; in between are in-depth looks at five classic typefaces, lessons on designing with text type, display type and color, and plenty of project assignments. Though Craig, the former design director for Watson-Guptill, touches on the way that type design can be akin to fine art, most of his focus is on the subtle ways in which typeface affects "mood," and letter shape and spacing influences readability, emphasis and even meaning. Even though technological advances have made innovative text design ever simpler, readers—of books, brochures, cereal boxes and subway advertisements—still tend to prefer their type to be "invisible"—in other words, "to serve as a quiet vehicle for enhancing the meaning of a text." While best suited for a beginning graphic design student, this clear, readable book should also intrigue those interested in how the look of a sentence has an impact on the way we read it. 100 color and 500+ b&w illus. (May)