cover image I Love Spring

I Love Spring

Steven Kroll. Holiday House, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-0634-0

Mark is out to meet the spring. He loves listening to the birds, casting off his heavy winter woolens in favor of lightweight clothing and hearing the breeze whisper, ""Missed you, Mark, missed you.'' There are new puppies, and the neighbors spruce up their homes with paint. Gardening begins, and it's time to celebrate Easter and Passover. Camping trips, birthday parties and the circus are all part of the excitement, even though those events are not particularly indigenous to that time of year. The pictures, in colored pencil, are rich in the refulgent hues of spring's effervescence. Kroll's plain-spoken text allows young readers to find their own favorites in the list, or to exult in their own discoveries. Ages 36. (April)