cover image A Sudden Change of Family

A Sudden Change of Family

Mary Jane Auch. Holiday House, $13.95 (152pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-0842-9

It's summertime, and Katy and her mother are vacationing once again with other family members at Whitmarsh Point, Conn. After Katy reunites with her favorite cousin, Julie, the excited girls stumble upon some old letters addressed to Grandma Whitmarsh, along with a photo of Katy's mother in the company of some unidentified boys. Katy's prying leads them closer to the unsolved mystery--the painful truth that her mother was adopted at birth. Torn by feelings of betrayal, Katy's mother is determined to find her real family. Unwillingly, Katy accompanies her to face a fresh beginning: the expectations of and adjustments to a second family. Their quest leads them to the eccentric Lummis family, whose matriarch lives out her fantasies by aping glamorous Hollywood figures. Readers will enjoy Auch's ( Pick of the Litter ; Mom Is Dating Weird Wayne ) humor, although they may find her comedic touches at odds with the inherent seriousness of the subject at hand. Ages 8-12. (Oct.)