cover image PARADE DAY: Marching Through the Calendar Year

PARADE DAY: Marching Through the Calendar Year

Bob Barner, . . Holiday, $16.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-1690-5

The parade certainly doesn't pass by Barner (Fish Wish; Dem Bones), whose arresting collages depict 12 festive processions, ranging in theme from civic tradition (Labor Day, Thanksgiving) to ethnic celebrations (St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo) to more spontaneous themes (a June pet parade, a circus come to town in August). The text is standard-issue, with one couplet per spread to cue a (presumably) very young audience: "On July 4 we wave flags and say hurray./ Wear red, white, and blue on Independence Day." Barner holds to a street-level spectator perspective, guaranteeing readers a choice seat while they review wave after wave of marchers. But there's enough variation to spotlight the visual impact of different parades—he pulls back to show ticker tape fluttering around a city skyline, and zooms in and tilts upward to underscore the size of two huge Thanksgiving Day balloons as they float beyond the confines of the page. Just as in a real parade, some details stand out: the jewels on a circus elephant's costume, the flowers on a Rose Bowl float. The book concludes with a basic, month-by-month overview of parade-inspiring festivals and tips for making a wall calendar. All ages. (Mar.)