cover image Two Brothers, Four Hands: The Artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti

Two Brothers, Four Hands: The Artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti

Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, illus. by Hadley Hooper. Holiday House/Porter, $21.99 (64p) ISBN 978-0-8234-4170-9

Greenberg and Jordan (Meet Cindy Sherman) continue their impressive series of artist biographies with an account of 20th-century sculptor Alberto Giacometti and his brother Diego. The two grew up in Switzerland, born only a year apart, Alberto artistic and introspective, Diego adventurous: “One a daredevil, the other a dreamer, they are tied to each other as if by some secret understanding.” Alberto’s career begins in a Paris studio, and Diego joins him there, first as a model for Alberto, then, during WWII, learning how to cast in bronze. After the war, when Alberto’s gaunt, spare figures gain recognition as emblems that “rise up courageously from these ruins,” Diego casts and mounts the pieces, occasionally working on “sculptures of animals he stalked as a child.” Illustrations by Hooper (Mabel and Sam at Home) exude warmth in expressive black contours, and large planes of colored wash—the blue of Paris at night, the red of war—provide the spreads with moody overtones. Diego and his devotion to his brother emerge as the story’s most appealing elements in this fascinating retrospective. Back matter offers a detailed chronology, notes, and photos. Ages 7–10. [em](Apr.) [/em]