cover image The Luna Sisters and Their Amazing Lunafish

The Luna Sisters and Their Amazing Lunafish

Dan Yaccarino. Holiday House, $14.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-8234-5636-9

Though the eponymous sibling stars of this intergalactic I Like to Read Comics title share a palatial house on the Moon, they have little in common and are frequently at odds. STEM fan Nera, portrayed with light blue skin, a black bob, and a sleek dark ensemble, lives on the Dark Side of the house. Art lover Lucy, shown with green skin, curly yellow hair, and a bohemian wardrobe, lives on its Bright Side. Each generally regards the other as a “pest” when, on their eighth birthday, they’re given a shared present: a plump, pink Luna Fish that they name Moona. To bring the sisters together, Yaccarino (City Under the City) employs more than just a shared pet. Moona’s fate, as she grows too big for her fishbowl, sends the story spinning into meandering interstellar goofiness, with twists and turns that involve the sibs’ entanglement with an unscrupulous aquarium owner, a perilous space voyage featuring wormholes filled with giant worms, and a confrontation with a Sparkly Space Octopus. Throughout, bright paneled illustrations, rendered in the artist’s signature style, bring whimsy to this tale of sibling conflict in hyperdrive. Ages 4–8. (June)