cover image My First Book of Prayers

My First Book of Prayers

Illus. by Gillian Flint. Worthy, $6.99 (20p) ISBN 978-0-8249-1683-1

Ten simple prayers accompany tranquil images of children outdoors and in cozy indoor scenes. A toddler and two older girls exuberantly play a xylophone, tambourine, and recorder, while a prayer reads “thank you, God, for all your gifts;/ thank you for your graces./ Thank you for your loving care/ about us in all places.” A boy and girl stand by a flowing river: “Thank you for the fish that swim;/ I really like to look at them./ Thank you for the birds that sing./ Thank you, Lord, for everything.” An image of a child in blue star pajamas closes out this tender collection: “Now I lay me down to sleep/ I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” Ages 2–5. [em](Sept.) [/em]