cover image M. Pamplemousse on the Spot: A Gastronomic Mystery

M. Pamplemousse on the Spot: A Gastronomic Mystery

Michael Bond. Beaufort Books, $14.95 (159pp) ISBN 978-0-8253-0389-0

This is the third mystery starring the Gallic epicure-sleuth, by the author of the beloved Paddington Bear stories. Decidedly for adults, the exploits of Aristide Pamplemousse involve him in raunchy affairs with eager women when he's not dining reverently on culinary masterpieces. In the Haute Savoie, Aristide's feast is interrupted by a call from his boss in Paris. The detective is ordered to find Jean-Claude, oldest son of Albert Parfait, owner of the restaurant where Aristide awaits the souffle surprise, the piece-de-resistance of Les Cinq Parfaits. But only Jean-Claude can create the dish, and he has been abducted. An emergency is declared, because a despotic visitor is expected and must be served the souffle. Although ""worse than Idi Amin,'' the villain must be cosseted, since he owns most of the world's oil. Hilarious and dangerous events ensue as the intrepid detective soldiers on, saving the day and his precious reputation. (February 26)