cover image Hold That Thought: Sorting Through the Voices in Our Heads

Hold That Thought: Sorting Through the Voices in Our Heads

Gem Fadling. IVP, $18 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-0-8308-3169-2

This pensive volume by life coach Fadling (What Does Your Soul Love?) gives spiritual advice on dealing with intrusive thoughts. Fadling offers guidance on how readers can “notice, discern, and respond to” inner monologues and quell negative thinking by accepting that God is active in one’s life. The author identifies seven common “voices”—which include the “Stressed Achiever,” “Inner Critic,” and “Complaining Victim”—and shares client anecdotes that usefully illuminate how the different voices manifest, such as the middle-aged woman whose Complaining Victim voice told her that being a good Christian meant giving “without expecting anything in return” and led her to stay with her unfaithful husband until she realized she could stand up for her needs while remaining devoted to God. Fadling encourages readers to imagine themselves at the head of a dining table with their inner voices as guests and to notice what situations cause each voice to pipe up. Readers will appreciate the straightforward reflection questions, which prompt one to contemplate “What would it look like for you to become the ‘boss’ of your own life?” and “How might you get more in touch with your deepest longings?” It adds up to an accessible volume on quieting negative self-talk. (Sept.)