cover image Making All Things New: 
God’s Dream for Global Justice

Making All Things New: God’s Dream for Global Justice

R. York Moore. IVP, $15 trade paper (180p) ISBN 978-0-8308-3779-3

Moore, an evangelist and justice activist, takes as his text the Book of Revelation, linking its hallucinatory end-times imagery with the coming of a new world in which justice reigns—the kingdom of God. He opens the book’s chapters with vignettes from his personal life, then moves on to biblical exegesis, mostly of Revelation and its vivid, mysterious scenarios. Revelation is an unsettling book, and Moore looks at the end times with some anticipatory relish for the punishment of those who exploit children, mentioning the wrath of God (“the full and unrestrained fury of God’s anger at sin”) 28 times in a single chapter on “war-waging Jesus.” Readers who have no bent for eschatology should go elsewhere; the author’s logic will puzzle them. Those who are more comfortable with the Christian perspective that finds “power in the blood” will appreciate a strong, new voice powered by scripture calling insistently for systemic change that will bring justice to the exploited. (Dec.)