cover image Warning, Nonsense Is Destroying America

Warning, Nonsense Is Destroying America

Vincent Ryan Ruggiero / Author, Thomas Nelson Publishers / Author
In this book's preface, Ruggiero writes, ``The real problem is that popular culture has been affected by Nonsense --nonsense about truth and reality, nonsense about self, nonsense about thought and feeling. These false views have had a devastating effect on people's lives: they have created attitudes and habits that block the pursuit of excellence, disrupt family life, and lead to self-indulgence and in some cases, to self-destruction.'' In developing his argument, the author examines present trends in religion, media and education and in the interaction among them. While readers may not totally agree with his views, Ruggiero supports his thesis with immense research, sound critical thought and a clear understanding of both contemporary cultural trends and the history of ideas. The result is a compelling argument. Even more to the point, however, instead of merely settling for the role of a Christian Cassandra, Ruggiero issues a challenge to those in many walks of life by offering practical suggestions about ways to change current trends. (Apr.)