cover image Twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World

Twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World

Margaret Feinberg / Author Thomas Nelson Publishers $12.99 (20

Just emerging from her 20s herself, Christian writer Feinberg sympathizes with the challenges faced today's 20-somethings, who have more choices and less guidance than previous generations. Feinberg assures young job seekers that""you don't have to live in the box of 'traditional work' "" and gives plenty of examples of people, including herself, who are successful outside the office environment. She also offers encouragement to those who do decide to enter the corporate world, pointing out to them that""entry level jobs are a much-needed reminder that you are not what you do. Your value and worth reside elsewhere."" Feinberg addresses many other challenges 20-somethings face, such as taking on significant financial responsibilities, establishing meaningful and possibly romantic relationships, and--for her specifically Christian audience-puzzling over the question""Where is God in all this?"" Feinberg is honest about the difficulties of adult life (e.g.""The truth is that being single can be brutal""), but also celebrates the many advantages of the 20-something years: freedom to move or change careers, opportunities and enthusiasm to travel and time to""find your passions and find yourself."" Although the recent marketing efforts of several Christian publishers are clearly meant to appeal to a wider audience, non-Christians are likely to find such advice as""ask God, 'Who am I?' and listen for a response"" insufficient. However, Feinberg does warn Christian readers against becoming""completely surrounded by Christians and failing to engage the world around them."" This message to fearlessly participate in the world, as well as embrace the 20s as a time to explore and grow, makes Feinberg's book a contemporary, realistic and reassuring guide for faithful 20-somethings overwhelmed by what life has to offer.