cover image Crux


Ramez Naam. Osprey/Angry Robot, $14.99 trade paper (560p) ISBN 978-0-85766-296-5

In the three months following the events of Naam’s Nexus (2012), over a million people have begun using the nanite-based drug Nexus to communicate, do science, and reach for world peace—but like any technology, Nexus “could be used for good or bad, could be disgusting or sublime.” Kaden Lane has access codes to every mind that carries the version of Nexus he released, and with those back doors he can carry out vigilante justice. Someone less scrupulous could use them to take over the world. With the U.S. presidential elections approaching and more than one country after Kade’s codes, this fast-paced adventure jumps from Vietnamese jungle to American prison to Chinese virtual reality with ease, gracefully weaving message with action. Smart, thoughtful, and hard to drop, this richly nuanced sequel outshines its predecessor with a wide cast of characters and some complicated, uneasy questions about power, responsibility, and the future of humanity. Agent: Lucienne Diver, the Knight Agency. (Sept.)