cover image Space Unicorn Blues

Space Unicorn Blues

T.J. Berry. Angry Robot, $12.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-85766-781-6

Berry’s raucous space opera debut exposes the worst of human nature through the oppression of the Bala, aliens who resemble Earth’s mythological creatures. The U.S., Australia, and India joined to form the Reason government, which committed unprovoked war against the Bala and continues to imprison them and harvest their magical parts. Gary Cobalt, a half-human, half-unicorn adventurer recently released from a prison on poisoned Earth, escapes harvesting by allying with Jenny Perata, the Maori former Reason officer with whom he shares a grim backstory: Jenny imprisoned Gary for his horn’s ability to power faster-than-light travel, and Gary ate her best friend. The fractious crew of Gary’s sentient spaceship scrape through exhilarating battles against pirates, time, and the Reason government to complete a courier job for the powerful Sisters of the Supersymmetrical Axion. Berry portrays the emotions powering bigotry with frightening accuracy in a novel that combines the best elements of mythological fantasy and space opera into a thrilling quest with deep shadows. Agent: Sam Morgan, Foundry Literary + Media. (July)