cover image Pale Kings

Pale Kings

Micah Yongo. Angry Robot, $12.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-0-85766-785-4

Mystical bloodlines collide with forbidden magic steeped in Africa-inspired lore in Yongo’s ringing follow-up to 2018’s Lost Gods. Ex-assassin Neythan possesses an ancient scroll that may explain the growing darkness in the Five Realms. Led by a cryptic mystic, battle-weary Neythan and two compatriots travel beyond the Five Realms in search of answers from priests who have kept the old ways. Startling revelations about Neythan’s magical heritage launch him on what may prove to be a soul-destroying quest riddled with visions and prophecy. Meanwhile, other key players find themselves enmeshed in deadly conspiracies as ancient powers reemerge, cities are destroyed, and a vengeful old god rises. The author makes much better use than in the first book of a subtle multi-perspective narrative and riveting worldbuilding to develop pivotal characters, deepen intrigue, and craftily advance this winding tale. Yongo is building an increasingly strong fantasy story in which tiny details assemble into fascinating mysteries. Agent: Robert Dinsdale, Independent Literary. (Sept)