cover image Silver Queendom

Silver Queendom

Dan Koboldt. Angry Robot, $14.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-85766-994-0

Koboldt (Domesticating Dragons) introduces a roguish band of protagonists in this equally lighthearted and action-packed high fantasy. Readers meet Darin, the owner of the Red Rooster Inn, and his employee Evie while the duo are crashing a duchess’s gala, targeting the valuables of the attending nobles. Darin’s efforts to lift as many coins and jewels as possible are foiled when he accidentally steps on the boot of a noble who responds by challenging Darin to a duel. He uses his gift for metallurgy to fake infection with a plague and so avoid being killed, but peril increases when his efforts to make a clean getaway are thwarted. Evie, along with another partner in crime, Big Tom, come to the rescue, but soon the trio are enmeshed in more trouble. They’re offered a big payday if they steal a shipment of the queen’s dreamwine, a drink that has addicted many of the residents of the Queendom and is the realm’s most valuable substance. Koboldt keeps the pace flying through the ensuing daring heist. Readers will hope to see more of Darin and company in future installments. (Sept.)