cover image Rosy Cole's Great American Guilt Club

Rosy Cole's Great American Guilt Club

Sheila Greenwald. Atlantic Monthly Press, $11.95 (87pp) ISBN 978-0-87113-044-0

No one will want to miss the hilarious pictures and wild events in Greenwald's new epic about the unsinkable heroine of Give Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy Cole and Valentine Rosy. Rosy confesses the consequences of her Big Lie, telling her schoolmates in Manhattan that her family owns a country house for skiing. The boast fools Rosy's rich classmate, Natalie Pringle, who invites her to her real country house where the truth comes out. Rosy is a washout on the slopes and tearfully admits she has yearned for a taste of posh living, because her family has ""nothing.'' The Coles are aghast when the Pringles bring loads of clothes, food, etc., to the apartment, but the largesse inspires Rosy to establish the Great American Guilt Club. Members who have too much are supposed to give to Rosy and other ``poor'' girls, but the result is unexpected, and sheer delight for readers. (812)