cover image Goodnight Cinderella

Goodnight Cinderella

Richard Posner, Gerald Posner. M. Evans and Company, $13.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-87131-587-8

As graduation day approaches, the seniors in Westfield, Long Island, are feeling restless, nostalgic and anxious about the future. Kimber has lost interest in boyfriend Lou, but continues the relationship because it offers prestige and security. Meanwhile, Lou is playing the field with two of Kimber's best friends: Martha, a fiery redhead and Deena, a hopeless romantic. When betrayals threaten to break long-term friendships, it seems the year will end on a sour note. Although some resentments still exist as prom night draws near, Kimber, Martha and Deena decide to carry through plans to triple-date. Characters take turns recounting their versions of the disastrous evening. Posner's writing reveals a familiarity with teenage language and sensibilities; he proves successful in creating a variety of distinct, energetic voices. With keen perception, he renders a slice of contemporary life that is both humorous and ironic. Ages 12-up. (Sept.)