cover image Sch-In Absence/Sacred

Sch-In Absence/Sacred

Jerry Mander. Random House (NY), $25 (446pp) ISBN 978-0-87156-739-0

Mander, author of the controversial Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television , thinks that we have too complaisantly accepted the advances of technology. Urging that we understand the benefits and drawbacks of technology before the latter overtake us, he observes that new technologies, always presented in the best possible light, steer society in some sociopolitical direction. Mander examines in turn computer, television, space and genetic technologies, pointing out that they are deployed in the manner most useful to the institutions that gain from them. Mander notes that the only consistent opposition to technology comes from land-based native peoples. This observation leads to a discussion of Indians and other native groups around the world whose cultures are under attack by governments. This lively, provocative argument will interest all readers concerned about our environment and quality of life. QPB selection; author tour. (Nov.)