cover image Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World

Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World

Johann Christoph Arnold. Plough (Ingram, dist.), $14 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-0-87486-630-8

In this deeply inspiring tribute to children, speaker and pastor Arnold (Why Forgive?) brings together the opinions of parents, education experts, and famed figures from various fields, as well as his own experiences, to underline his point: successful children make for a successful society, and treating each child with care and respect is our duty as adults. Particularly moving are Arnold’s thoughts on the pressure that children face to be “normal.” He deeply opposes diagnoses of learning disorders and prescriptions of medication for kids whose personalities are ill-suited to standardized learning methods (though Arnold is respectful when discussing cases where medication is needed). Although Arnold’s love for children is unquestionable, at times he oversimplifies the situations he describes. His advice to overworked parents, for instance—to spend more time with their kids—is hardly realistic. Still, Arnold’s basic message is clear, and well worth heeding: a deep reverence for children will make the world a better place. (Nov.)