cover image Jacques Pepin's Simple and Healthy Cooking

Jacques Pepin's Simple and Healthy Cooking

Jacques Pepin. Rodale Press, $27.5 (354pp) ISBN 978-0-87596-234-4

The current food scene's emphasis on healthy eating and low-fat consumption has led Pepin, a chef linked most frequently with classic French cuisine, to jump aboard the health bandwagon. Pepin feels it is the responsibility of chefs to guide us in creating low-fat meals. Yet the book is not-strictly speaking-a diet book. The 200 recipes provided are drawn from classic French cuisine. Pepin hasn't totally eliminated high-fat items (e.g., cream), but they appear in smaller proportions than classic cuisine calls for. The author admits that to achieve a balanced diet with 30% or fewer of calories from fat is difficult, and offers tips and shortcuts. His recipes can be combined to create three-course, low-fat lunches and dinners for those who want to lower their fat intake. Each recipe contains a caloric breakdown so readers can pick and choose freely. Recipes are well-written, and many have useful notes. Most recipes can be tackled by anyone, but some are time-consuming. Prevention Book Club main selection. (Sept.)