cover image Talking Walls

Talking Walls

Margy Burns Knight. Tilbury House Publishers, $17.95 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-88448-102-7

In a praiseworthy celebration of similarities and differences among the world's peoples, debut author Knight and O'Brien explore notable walls the world over as both symbols and vehicles for cultural connection. Young readers will recognize such landmarks as the Great Wall of China, the cave walls of Lascaux, the Wailing Wall and the Vietnam Memorial. More surprising selections feature the work of Australian aborigines, Indian Hindus, Islamic Egyptians, Native Americans and Africans. The narrative is respectful and egalitarian, with the clear intent of valuing no one people over another. O'Brien's ( Jamaica Tag-Along ; Jamaica's Find ) well-designed and affecting pastels cover each spread; showing busy children at each wall, the illustrations focus on the characters' facial expressions and spur reader interest still further by shifting the perspective for each scene. A four-page afterword provides supplementary facts about the individual wall sites and keys them to a world map. Ages 5-13. (June)