cover image The Yellow River: A 5000 Year Journey Through China

The Yellow River: A 5000 Year Journey Through China

Pr Knapp / Author, Kevin Sinclair / Author Knapp Press $35 (20

In this elegant, oversize companion volume to a television documentary, Hong Kong journalist Sinclair demonstrates that the Yellow River is a powerful symbol in the mythology of China: ""It is the dragon of Chinese legend, the river of sorrows, the cradle of civilisation, the country's historic heartland.'' Both a source and destroyer of life, the river flows through nine provinces and autonomous regions in a twisting 5000-kilometer journey from highlands to sea. Land is terraced to prevent the erosion that leads to the silting of the river (which gives the water its yellow hue) and disastrous flooding. In his discussion of the various Chinese dynasties and how the river inspired rich developments in science, engineering and art, Sinclair illustrates how the ``history of China is the tale of the Yellow River . . . the river and the people are involved inextricably.'' Readers will delight in the abundant, spectacular color pictures that reveal China's diverse population, natural wonders, archeological treasures and ancient paintings, carvings and sculptures, many religious in nature. 38,000 first printing; BOMC selection. (December)