cover image New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

Reader's Digest. Reader's Digest Association, $35 (528pp) ISBN 978-0-89577-378-4

This complete revamping of what is perhaps the champion of do-it-yourself guides, surveying almost everything under your roof and some of what lies beyond, has managed to retain all of its classic virtues without adding unnecessary pages. Rewritten, redesigned and newly illustrated, the upgraded edition also includes more color, improving the legibility of its explanatory drawings. New materials, techniques and tools are examined and explained with Reader's Digest 's customary clarity and thoroughness. For example, a chapter on electricity discusses track lighting, ceiling fans and telephones; the consumer who wonders what's going on inside his phone can see exactly what it looks like and consider how to deal with minor adjustments and repairs. The volume is also geared to the new breed of homeowners who admit to some degree of manual incompetence. They can learn how to deal with professionals without feeling intimidated and how to untangle the proper codes and regulations for major work. $400,000 ad/promo. (Oct.)