cover image My Dad's Definitely Not a Drunk!

My Dad's Definitely Not a Drunk!

Elisa Carbone. Waterfront Books, $11.95 (100pp) ISBN 978-0-914525-21-9

This story centers on Corey, a sixth grader who believes that her family and her best friend's are the only ones plagued by parental alcoholism; everyone else, the girl thinks, ``fits in.'' Carbone believably weaves into her story several elements of this problem: children who must walk on eggshells when around drunk parents, and parents who inflict physical abuse, drive while intoxicated, cover up on the job, are fired even so, and finally must face intervention and treatment. Some of the book's initial portions are awkwardly written, and the swift cure may be a bit too pat (regression, for instance, is not a factor here), but Carbone's treatment of more complex emotional issues makes up for these shortcomings. Ages 9-14. (Sept.)