cover image Dragon Head: An Aleksandr Talanov Novel

Dragon Head: An Aleksandr Talanov Novel

James Houston Turner. Regis, $17.99 trade paper (490p) ISBN 978-0-958666-49-7

Turner’s exciting fourth thriller featuring former KGB colonel Aleksandr Talanov (after 2013’s November Echo) takes Talanov, who’s been recruited by the CIA despite fears in some quarters that he’s a Trojan horse, to San Francisco, where a friend runs a community center. Since so many people close to Talanov have been killed, including his wife, Talanov is reluctant to make new friends and put their lives in jeopardy, but he’s drawn to the kids at the community center. Unfortunately, operatives of Dexter Moran (aka Dragon Head), a Hong Kong “crime boss so skilled in the art of death that some people considered it an honor to die by his hand,” pick up his trail, placing Talanov once again in the position of having to fight to protect innocents. A cyberattack on an American passenger plane made to look like China is responsible raises the stakes. Turner barely pauses for breath in this thrill ride. Fans of the TV series 24 will want to check this one out. (Self-published)