cover image Sonovawitch!: And Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Sonovawitch!: And Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Batton Lash. Exhibit A Press, $14.95 (166pp) ISBN 978-0-9633954-6-7

Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd are New York City lawyers with a very specialized clientele. They are ""counselors of the macabre,"" and through their offices march a comic succession of vampires, witches and mad scientists, as well as those who have fallen prey to them, all seeking protection under the law. Sure, it sounds silly, but Lash (Supernatural Law) has created an endearing comedic legal soap opera--think Moonlighting with monsters--that manages to poke fun at both lawyers and every bad horror movie ever made. The title story follows the unfortunate romantic entanglements of Marty, a big deal corporate muck-a-muck, whose mother just happens to be a witch. Marty has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit after his mom, who wants him to settle down with a nice girl, casts a love spell on his secretary, who dumps her perplexed boyfriend and chases relentlessly after Marty. Marty is forced to hire Wolff and Byrd to defend him, and the duo work to get his mom into court to take responsibility for her meddling maternal sorcery. All this plays out against Wolff and Byrd's own personal problems and those of their equally wacky staff. Lash's black and white art is crisply drawn and reminiscent of the corny charm of Archie comics. The stories are funny, knowing and reflect contemporary life, despite the presence of zombies and ghouls in the waiting room. There is an introduction by noted fantasy novelist and comics author Neil Gaiman. (Feb.)