cover image Last Call at the 7-Eleven

Last Call at the 7-Eleven

Element Books Ltd, Kevin Cowherd. Bancroft Press, $19.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-9635376-3-8

Cowherd, a humor columnist for the Baltimore Sun, here collects 75 of his columns on topics ranging from ``Rich, Famous and Dead,'' through ``The Non-Renaissance Man'' (about the wages of repairmen and the avoidance of household chores) to ``Fun & Games in the '90s'' (about the difficulty of discerning the appropriate restroom for each sex). At his best as a parodist, Cowherd is witty on topics like looking for love in personal ads, or seeking advice from Dear Abby. He is less funny when he turns to whimsy, as in ``Mosquitoes Ride Again.'' The dozens of black-and-gray blobs throughout the text, which look like Rorschach samples, are neither decorative nor amusing. (Nov.)