cover image The 3: 15 Experiment

The 3: 15 Experiment

Lee Ann Brown, Bernadette Mayer, Jen Hofer. Owl Press, $14 (113pp) ISBN 978-0-9669430-3-0

For several years a fluctuating group of poets has participated in an exercise whereby they write at an appointed time every day, wherever they are. Culling writings from the middle of the night, ""to see what 3:15 [a.m.] mind looked like,"" The 3:15 Experiment presents an unedited month's worth of these writings from the project's four originators: Bernadette Mayer (The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters), Jen Hofer, Danika Dinsmore and Lee Ann Brown (Polyverse). Readers are privy to the way ""[s]entences make and unmake slowly,"" to the writers' dreams and imaginings, their waking first perceptions, ideas, memories, rhythms. It's heartening to watch this energetic, curious quartet in action. (Sept.)