cover image Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

DL Bruin. DL Bruin, $15 trade paper (324p) ISBN 978-0-9743479-0-5

Bruin's noirish serial killer thriller takes a nicely cynical view of Hollywood and its players. LAPD homicide detectives Maxine "Maximum" Calderas and Greg London have landed a red ball%E2%80%94the search for a murderer the press has dubbed the Coyote, who strangles women and dumps them by the highway. Meanwhile, a parallel story charts the ascent of actor Cody Clifton, whose star is on the rise after he lands the lead role in a TV PI series. Cody's ambition is stoked by a classic greedy and heartless agent, Shelly Monroe, who has channeled her own frustration at not succeeding as an actress into squeezing whatever she can out of the Hollywood dream machine, and who has no scruples against viewing her clientele as just a warm-blooded means toward that end. Predictably, the two story lines intersect, but the payoff will surprise some readers and makes the book more than just a broad parody of the entertainment industry. [em](BookLife) [/em]