cover image Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

Paul Jessup, . . Apex, $13.95 (139pp) ISBN 978-0-9821596-0-6

In Jessup's supernova-bright novella, his first stand-alone publication, pregnant space voyager Ekhi is rescued from her ailing vessel by the crew of a scavenger ship. Their captain, mysterious, doll-like cyborg Itsasu, mourns her husband's death, and has been yearning to bring him back to life with the “Ortzadar engine” her ship is secretly carrying. She reluctantly allows Ekhi to join her crew, but keeps her under strict supervision. The other crew members struggle with various personal issues brought sharply into perspective by a sudden alien invasion and the discovery that the ship's AI is playing a deadly game of its own. Jessup describes his surrealistic space opera vision with bleak, elegant prose and a dash of black humor. (Apr.)