cover image Court of Dreams

Court of Dreams

Stuart Sharp. Pink Narcissus (, $15.95 trade paper (280p) ISBN 978-0-9829913-2-9

Since the great otherworldly war among the supernatural Courts, the Court of Dreams isn’t supposed to interfere with the world of mortals. That hasn’t stopped the queen’s daughter, Siobhan, from sending the Court’s gigantic huntsman, Grave, to kill off the handful of half-human, half-magical offspring of the Courts’ denizens. Thomas Greene, fresh out of university and (he thinks) newly divested of his girlfriend, Nicola, is one of these half-breeds. Fleeing Grave, he and Nicola break through the walls between the worlds and fall into the Court of Dreams. Sharp tries much too hard to be funny; his knowing humor lacks a lightness of touch and his obvious amusement at his characters and the fairy tale land of the Court of Dreams discourages reader investment in the story. Nevertheless, this light confection of a tale, though sometimes predictable, is generally entertaining. (Jan.)