cover image The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever

The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever

Benjamin Morse. Orson & Co. (, $30 (80p) ISBN 978-0-9858135-0-5

In this delightful retelling of the biblical story, first in the Bible Beautiful series, Morse employs his talent as both an artist and academic to bring the Hebrew Bible to readers of all ages. Beginning with Creation and continuing with the sojourns of the Patriarchs, Morse follows the Hebrews, with conviction and humor, down to Egypt, into the Promised Land, and beyond. He devotes one or two pages to most major events recorded in the Bible, including those in Prophets and Scripture, and puts them into chronological order (the Bible doesn’t always sort them) to make better sense of the historical narrative. Every page boasts engaging illustrations in mixed media, including kraft paper silhouettes of human figures, that convey the narrative with creativity and wit. Morse’s scholarship and appreciation for the Bible is obvious, and he does a masterful job of making readers part of the story. Bedtime story or not, children and adults will relish this journey of epic proportions. Ages 4–up. (Dec.)