cover image Take On Me

Take On Me

Minerva Zimmerman. Fireside Fiction (, $5.99 e-book (210p) ISBN 978-0-9861040-2-2

Zimmerman’s debut is stocked with shallow characters and a rambling story. When vampire Alex finds a teen girl bleeding out in his shower, he inexplicably turns her into a vampire. Hannah wakes and greets the news of her transformation by surprising Alex with her strength and nearly crushing his chest. Alex is a dull do-gooder vampire; despite having “some of the most powerful vampire blood in the world,” he tries to be nice, is afraid to let people get close, and works as a doctor. After the initial encounter, as Alex and Hannah eat leftover Chinese food and watch episodes of People’s Court, Alex bizarrely suggests that Hannah should stay with him forever. Hannah’s angst-filled characterization relies heavily on her shallowly depicted relationships with her mind-controlling brother (who killed her boyfriend) and her mother, who was driven crazy by telepathy. Disconnected flashbacks meander through the aimless narrative until a run-in with vigilantes embroils Hannah in vampire politics. Unconvincing characters and unclear plot make this one forgettable. [em](Oct.) [/em]