cover image The Way into Magic

The Way into Magic

Harry Connolly. Radar Avenue, $13.99 trade paper (228p) ISBN 978-0-9898284-4-4

Picking up immediately from the events of The Way into Chaos, Connolly’s gripping second epic fantasy novel continues to build tension. With the empire fallen, Tejohn Treygar, once a feared and respected noble, has gone from “king’s shield bearer to the lowliest of servants to a prisoner in a dungeon,” captured by self-designated King Shunzik and tortured for information about the missing true prince. His former companion Cazia Freewell, once a student magic user and now a wizard, is held captive by the invading Tilkilit, who want her magic to help them conquer the rest of the continent. Escapes are made, plans are formed, alliances are tested, and intriguing and subtle mysteries are introduced. Connolly avoids the middle-book doldrums with deft twists and complications that keep the reader guessing. As well-written as this installment is, readers should not start here; though released as three novels, the story is actually structured as three parts of one saga, and cliffhangers abound. [em](BookLife) [/em]